Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zara's Curse By Andrew Domonkos: SOCK PUPPET MADNESS #Goodreads #Fraud #ASMSG

Please don't feed the sock puppets - they multiply like gremlins

This blog post has a deceptive title, 
because there's really only one face of Andrew Domonkos:

But if you don't like that face, thats Okay, 
Andrew has 153 faces on Goodreads
11 pages of SOCK PUPPET WONDER!!

And how do I know?  
Because, Andrew published his novel 3 days ago on Amazon:

He has ZERO reviews/ratings on Amazon
but Andrew's 153 faces on Goodreads have been very busy:

161 ratings!! (153 of his own--the rest are from disgruntled Authors who have been attacked by Andrew)

And he has 153 votes on Listopia, 
holding the #1 position on Best Vampire Books from "New" Authors!!

Andy is a very resourceful man with his 153 Goodreads profiles,
 not only is he voting for his own book,
 beating all the competition the American way,
 he is also giving out shit-tons of 1 star ratings!! 
But not for his own book, Oh no! 
Those sock puppets are working overtime for Andrew!!

Poor Andrew denies having anything to do with his 153 faces. 
But ooops! He made his denial with two different sock puppet profiles named Domonkos and Andrew Domonkos
Oh my!! But its an easy mistake to make when you have 153 profiles to manage....

So come on down to Goodreads, join up, create a few dozen profiles, 
and lets start rating some books!  
Yeah, lets party like Andrew Domonkos, with overnight sock puppet success!!

**This blog post is satire for the purpose of drawing attention to the sock puppet and troll ratings attacks running unchecked on Goodreads.  
My own novels are victims of Andrew Domonkos's sock puppet brigade.
I do not advocate creating more than one Goodreads profile, it is against their Terms of Service and unethical.

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