Friday, July 26, 2013

5 STAR SciFi ~ ROGUE GENESIS by CERI LONDON #Epic #Syfy #Paranormal #Thriller #Mustread #ASMSG

Finally, an epic scifi novel that's even more epic than the phenomenal cover art!!


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One man. Two worlds separated by a universe. Space-time warped by black holes. In the passing of seconds on Earth, Major Niall Kearey has witnessed the birth and death of generations on Astereal. His mind shortcuts light years to visit a fantastical world of floating sky cities populated by telepaths.

Astereal is in decline, the dueling forces of black holes threaten extinction. Ancient prophecy predicts their interstellar visitor brings salvation. As Niall faces the staggering truth – that his alien dream world is real – he and his family are targeted by secret societies, scheming politicians, and the US military.

Time is running out as Astereal races towards annihilation and temporal alignment with Earth. Power brokers vie for control of his capabilities. Niall must act, balancing the needs of Earth, his family, and the alien civilization he has come to know and love.

The fate of two worlds rests on his shoulders.

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So, you like scifi?

How about epic, universal, telepathic, psychokinetic, electromagnetic, space-time warping, worm-holing scifi?

Yeah...I thought so.

This novel is all that and so much more.

Rogue Genesis presents us a seemingly simple military man, Niall, who has a little something special, an uncanny intuition, and the ability to astral project out across the reaches of space. Niall soon learns he will be held responsible to save all 100 million inhabitants of an alien planet on the far side of the universe. This planet he visits regularly in his subconscious dreams, Astereal, happens to be parked curbside to the apocalypse. Not one, not two, not even three, but SEVEN black holes encircle this poor solar system. And one of them has become dominant, throwing the whole deal off balance.

But the US govt., and age-old corrupt secret societies are not having it. Not unless they are in control of Niall and his abilities.

Niall finds his whole world turned inside out, friends become enemies, everything he holds dear is threatened, and yet the responsibility to save these alien people resides solely in his hands.

Astereal is running out of time, and Niall is running out of options on Earth. As this epic paranormal scifi thriller drags you to the clinch point, we realize the future of mankind and the Astereans depend on the choices Niall makes.

As it says so eloquently in the description, "The fate of two worlds rests on his shoulders."

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but this one you can. The book is even more awesome than the pop-bang-wow head-turning cover art.

If you call yourself a fan of scifi, you need to read Rogue Genesis.

Just do it. 


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